About GODinme

Blessings and Welcome to GODinme Clothing Ministry! 

GODinme is Faith-based clothing and accessories uniquely branded to represent GOD's Love and Goodness in you: GOD in you.

The GODinme Logo is inspired by GOD's image, likeness, and His Holy Spirit in you: The GOD in you.

Look closely at the GODinme Logo:

Can you see the name GOD inside of the word me?!

You were created by GOD...made in the image and after the likeness of GOD, and GOD's Spirit Lives in you. ( Genesis 1:26, I Corinthian 3: 16, and  John 14 : 15 – 20)

GODinme Clothing provides an opportunity for All GOD's People to Acknowledge and Give Glory to GOD for His Holy Spirit in us.

Be a Part of What's Good …. Order your GODinme Clothing and Accessories Today!


Please Note::  wearing and/or displaying GODinme Clothing and Accessories is known to Provide Courage and Strength to/for All Who See, Receive, Know, And Believe:  Proceed in Faith. 

 (bold made to emphasize the GOD in you).