A Servants Testimony - #TrueStory

A Servants Testimony - #TrueStory

I watched "GO me" turn into "GOD in me."

The year was 2012, I am over 40 years old and in a troubled marriage with three children. I am in my last year of college; I'm exhausted, tired, and beginning to think I have waaay too many responsibilities.

I am sitting on my bedroom floor feeling sorry for myself and struggling to complete a homework assignment. Suddenly I hear a voice say to me, "This is going to take GOD in you, Edjuana." I immediately agree with the voice and say out loud, "I know that's right! I most definitely need GOD for this; I am so over this semester."

So now I'm thinking, GOD in me, GOD in me... yea this is going to take GOD inside of me to conquer this insanity.

(yes, lol, I was also inspired by a lot of TuPac music back then, lol)

So I begin doodling~~~~*~~***~~~ and as I am doodling~~~ I write out the word, "me"  and place a capital "G" and a capital "O" in between the spaces in the "m." I stop, look at the doodle and say; "No, not GO me... I have done all I can do. I need GOD." I turn inside...  to the voice that spoke to me.. and say, "GOD...,(because I Believe the voice was/is the Holy Spirit GOD inside me) ...GOD if you will make that "e" in "me" a capital "D" and a lowercase "e" at the same time, I'll serve you with it."

Now here is where the Remarkably Amazing Part Begins:

As I am stating my petition before GOD, I watched as the horizontal straight line in the middle of the "e" slowly rotates 1/4 turn (along with the half circle on top of the line) to the right and stand vertically straight. The half circle is now on the right side of the now vertical straight line and the little curve hook at the bottom of the "e" is still in place...  you see it?       GOD inside me;  GODinme.

To GOD Be ALL Glory.

Oh and by the way,

GOD in me made the President's Honor List that semester: Then later graduating with a B.S. in Kinesiology; passed the CBEST, then temporary taught Middle School Physical Education before committing to answering GOD's call in 2018 to become the Visionary Director of GODinme Clothing Ministry. 

Once Again and Always, To GOD Be ALL Glory.




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